About Us - The Aqua Gold water filters story

What originally began as a humble search for a convenient under sink water filter, ended up as an epic journey of discovery and research into the world of water filtration and the poor quality of drinking water in this country due to the many substances added by government authorized bodies.

The primary concern we discovered in our drinking water is Fluoride, which cannot be removed by the majority of filters sold on the market today.

There is considerable evidence and support from doctors and scientists around the world that Fluoride is extremely toxic, and has nothing to do with the health of your teeth and in fact destroys teeth (with a condition called Fluorosis). Fluoride has NO benefit what so ever to your health in any way, and is highly toxic and destructive to the human body.

To name but a few of the problems of Fluoride ;

  • Fluorosis of the teeth
  • Steals Calcium from bones
  • Aggravates Arthritis
  • Damages unborn Fetuses
  • Premature Births
  • Brain Degradation
  • Cancer
  • Hormone Disruption
  • Infertility

The first known country to Fluoridate drinking water was Nazi Germany.

It was used in ghettos and concentration camps to cause prisoners to become docile, subservient subjects willing to comply with orders.

The only way to remove the Fluoride is with a Reverse Osmosis water filter which is the highest level of water filtration available on the planet. Also known as Hyperfiltration.

After initially informing friends and family about the dangers of Fluoride in drinking water, and the endless list of harm that it causes to your family’s health, we found that once informed properly, most people will make the rational decision of immediately taking steps to remove the Fluoride from their drinking water.

As more people were being informed on Fluoride, and expressed their concerns to us, we took it upon ourselves to make the reverse osmosis water filter technology available to them, and at more affordable prices to those on the market today. Reverse osmosis not only removes Fluoride from water, (and all unwanted substances), it actually makes the water taste superb and is digested much faster into your system without the harmful chemicals.

The Human body is up to 65% water in adults, 75% in children, and as high as 80% in babies. Which is why, an AQUA GOLD WATER FILTER, truly is “The Ultimate key To Great Health”!